Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide patients with the most comprehensive dental treatments and individualized experiences. We combine state-of-the-art dental technology along with spa elements to create a stress-free atmosphere where patients feel pampered and relaxed. Above all, we make all efforts to give our patients healthy, natural-looking and aesthetic results, giving them a reason to smile.

About The Practice

Going to the dentist is usually quite a memorable experience… a painful one. Even routine cleanings and check-ups can be sterile, uncomfortable, and a bit of a chore. However, Dr. Oliva has taken dentistry to a new level and created a dental experience that you will remember as a pleasant one.

Dr. Oliva recognizes your mouth is an important part of you. A smile is one of a person’s most memorable attributes. However, oftentimes, we take our teeth for granted. And, just as your body needs rejuvenation with massage or your hair needs to be cut regularly, your teeth deserve the same constant care and maintenance.

Realizing many have come to fear the dentist but your teeth, mouth and especially your smile is an important part of who your are, Dr. Oliva’s mission was to create a “smile” spa. An oasis to revitalize your smile.

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