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Why just go to a standard dental office when you can enjoy the advantages of spa dentistry that are offered by our Midtown Manhattan NYC dentist, Dr. Sonny Torres Oliva. If you’re wondering what we mean by spa dentistry, it refers to high quality and attentive dental care in an environment that is free of anxiety and stress, much like what you would expect to experience in a spa. No more fear of the dentist and no more feeling like a number. Here, you will feel like the valued and unique individual that you are. Our mission is to redefine the dental experience, and we do this by bringing our patients into an atmosphere that doesn’t feel like your typical dental office. For example, we offer cleanings in a relaxed setting on a fully articulating spa bed. Eye pillows and hand/foot massages are available to put you even more at ease during your dental procedure.

Just because you’re getting treated in a calm and serene atmosphere, don’t take that to mean that we are not up-to-date with latest advances in dental technology. You can look forward to digital x-rays, which expose you to far less radiation than traditional ones. In addition, they can be filed electronically, making insurance claims quicker and more streamlined. Our Midtown Manhattan NYC dentist conducts oral cancer screenings, using UV light that can reveal any abnormal or suspicious tissue growth. As with any type of cancer, those of the mouth have better outcomes when they are detected early. We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi and entertainment for you during your treatment. This includes Netflix, iPads, iPods, and Bose noise canceling headphones to make certain that your enjoyment is not disturbed. And that’s just a sampling of the modern conveniences that we’re proud to provide for you, our valued patient. All of these amenities enhance your dental spa experience here at our office.

Among the services that our Midtown Manhattan NYC dentist provides are ones that range from routine maintenance to restorations; from orthodontic to periodontal. All of them done with the delicate touch, high level of skill, and attention to detail that we have built our reputation on. So, whether you need a six month dental checkup, a tooth replacement, straighter teeth, whiter teeth or a complete makeover of your smile, you can rest assured that we will take care of it effectively and safely. We even do root canal therapy and extractions, though it is our goal to help you avoid that if at all possible. Just know that if you do, thanks to our spa dentistry, you will be kept pain-free and comfortable to the greatest degree.

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